Technology and Digital Leaders
Working for a better world!
We believe in social justice, social mobility and protecting the environment for our children.
You have great ideas for social and environmental change or innovation within your organisation, however, obtaining access to specialist talent and funding is challenging.
We, being leaders within the Digital and Technology Industry, have come together to volunteer* (*free) our services to energise or accelerate your ideas. The consultants and specialists who donate their time along with the companies who offer pro-bono support, do so because we all believe in the things you do.
Together we make extraordinary things happen

Our Environment

During our careers we have lost more than half of the wild animals on the planet. We can do better than that.

Social Mobility

There are too many without opportunities. That first push on the swing may be all they need

International Challenge

Not everyone is going to be able to benefit from the 4th Industrial revolution. For many the gap may get wider.

Why this matters

There has never been a more exciting time for technology professionals. Advances in digital technologies are converging to offer what many believe will be the 4th Industrial Revolution. Advances in AI, Robotics, Gene Therapy, IoT, Drones, Virtual Reality and Clean Energy have the opportunity to create huge good for our world, however over the last 35 years we have lost over half the wild animals on the planet and we are destroying habitats and food stocks through over grazing and pollution.
Our world population is growing exponentially and, with longer anticipated lifespans, this means increased pressure on our resources. Not all will have the ability to invest in technologies that will drive or benefit from this 4th revolution and the gap in society could widen rather than diminish.
Donating Expertise
There are amazing ideas and initiatives for creating a fairer, safer and more beautiful world sitting with charities and not-for-profit social enterprises who need the help of those of us within the IT and Digital industries to make their ideas a reality.
If you are already working on some of these challenges, we will bring some of the top technological expertise in the UK and around the world to accelerate what you do.

We are leaders in Digital and Technology not super heroes, but in this new world we do have "super powers", we have the power to harness the technologies that are colliding in this 4th Industrial Revolution to help solve some of the worlds problems.

Come and join us, volunteer your technology super powers, and together we can accelerate and energise the ideas that will make this a better world for our children to inherit.